Become the Destination of Choice

> Superior Customer Service
> Increase Loyalty
> Extend Dwell Time
> Increase Spend

Become the Destination of Choice

A Blended Learning Solution

> Effective Tool for Shopping Centre Management
> Mobile Friendly - Train Anywhere, ANYTIME
> On Site Assessment and Reporting

A Blended Learning Solution

Enhance Customer Service Levels

> The Ultimate Staff Learning Resource
> Online video based learning
> Progress at your own pace
> For Shopping Centres and Retailers

Enhance Customer Service Levels
  • Features

    Retail Offering:

    • Brand Positioning
    • Product Range
    • People Asset – Skills, Training and Attitude
    • Store Presentation
    • Promotions/Marketing/Advertising
    • Performance Management
    • Profitability
    • Customer Perceptions/Experiences/ Customer Service
    • Consumer Protection Act

    Service Learning Programmes:

    • Programme 1: Introduction to Customer Service
    • Programme 2: Introduction to Managing Customer Service
    • Programme 3: Service Excellence in Action
    • Programme 4: Managing Customer Service on the Run
    • Programme 5: Customer Relationship Management
    • Programme 6: Getting Ready for Retail
    • Programme 7:  Dealing with conflict and difficult customers
    • Programme 8:  Lift entrapment procedures
    • Programme 9: The EEE Programme for Restaurants
    • Programme 10: Service Excellence In Retail

    What courses does Ignite Skills offer?

    Retail Offering

    The RETAILER offering addresses critical in-store success factors including presentation, merchandising, window dressing, product range, customer service management, up-selling, store vibe and ambience amongst others. The objective is to provide the skills necessary to ensure a sustainable, profitable retail store that delivers customer excellence.

    Service Offering

    The SERVICE PROVIDER learning programmes are designed to improve customer service levels, while also motivating staff & improving their sense of self-worth. All staff working at the shopping centre learn how to positively interact with customers and ensure a memorable experience.


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